Internet Abuse Document

We created this document to give our users an understanding of Internet-sensitive practices, and to outline our policies on such matters as spam, harassment and unsolicited advertising.

SPAM (Usenet)
Usenet spam is defined by us as any message, commercial, non-profit or opinion, that is individually posted to several newsgroups at one time, especially when the content is commercial, and/or obviously considered off-topic by the participants of the group (For example, posting your political views on world-events to a non-political group such as You may cross-post messages, by clicking on several newsgroups and posting one message to them: cross-posting is acceptable as your message goes to several groups, but readers will only see it once. It still should be of limited scope, non-commercial except in appropriate newsgroups, the message should be topical to the groups – yet the groups should be different in focus.

We generally decline to intervene in the case of debates, and do not consider spam complaints to be credible if they arise from disputes of this nature. The policies of the Usenet group, mailing list or Web forum will be taken into account in our consideration of such situations, but this is not the only factor we consider.

Any message (of any content) that is repeated after warning or notification is given that such message are unwelcome constitutes harassment under our policies. If you are warned by an Internet user to stop sending Email, or are notified that your attentions or opinions are unwanted, the best response is to immediately drop all communication with this individual.

We generally decline to intervene in the case of ongoing Usenet debates. If, in our judgment, the exchange is mutual, and if the complainant does not also agree to terminate comment, then we will not consider it harassment should you continue to participate on a public newsgroup or forum only. We will not consider such an exchange harassive. The policies of the Usenet group, mailing list or Web forum will be taken into account in our consideration of such situations, but this is not the only factor we consider.

Usually, we end up recommending the use of a filtering program to deal with disruptive participants. Avoidance is the only effective solution to dealing with people who seek attention by rude public behaviour. Most Usenet filters offer the user the ability to block out all posts from a particular Email address or by keyword. If your reader does not have this feature, please visit TUCOWS and try out their selection of Usenet readers.

BOOM! Media has a zero-tolerance policy towards Bulk Unsolicited Commercial Email (BUCE, also called “SPAM”).

Accounts may be terminated if:

  • We receive complaints from Internet users that they find themselves unwillingly subscribed to a mailing list from which they cannot unsubscribe quickly and easily.
  • We receive complaints of multiple copies of the same message being sent to the same address.
  • The volume of outgoing mail from one subscriber is sufficient to negatively impact the quality of service to our other customers.
  • We receive complaints of any kind of Email message with faked headers that can be traced to a particular BOOM! Media account.
  • We receive complaints that a commercial advertisement has been cross-posted to multiple Usenet Groups or Web forums (especially Usenet groups to which the message is considered off-topic – for example, a message about car-parts to the alt.binaries groups).
  • Web Hosting accounts will be terminated if it is determined that their owners are using BOOM! Media or a third-party ISP to advertise using BUCE.

BOOM! Media may only be used for lawful purposes. Transmission of any material in violation of any Federal, Provincial or local regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to copyrighted material, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret.

On the first complaint, the account will be suspended until such time as the customer provides written assurances that the abusive pattern will not be repeated. The customer will be contacted and informed of the suspension as soon as possible.

It is the policy of BOOM! Media that commercial mailing lists are acceptable, provided that all Email addresses on the list are willing subscribers.

These policies supersede all previous representations understandings or agreements and shall prevail notwithstanding and variance with terms and conditions of any order submitted. They are subject to changes and additions without notice.